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Timeline - Greece
Timeline - Crete

  Corporal Frank Atkins
  Terry Fairbairn
  William John Gemmell
  Charlie Jager
  Major Robert Moran

Personalities 1941

Lieutenant Terry Fairbairn
And later on in Salonika, when I got out of hospital, I was a prisoner of war and I was marched with some others from the station to the prisoner camp, we had to be inspected outside. While we were doing this, young Greek girls 12, 13, 14 were on a wall beside us throwing , there were about nineteen of us from memory, throwing us cigarettes.

There were plenty of German soldiers around. One girl was down actually on the street level, the German soldier, by the way wore long legged boots and across the bridge of the boot here was a great iron bar; a great iron ridge bent like that and this German soldier just kicked that girl right in the crotch and we heard her bones break and she of course screamed as she fell.

Whether she lived or died I frankly donít know. I would think she died.