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Timeline - Greece
Timeline - Crete

  Corporal Frank Atkins
  Terry Fairbairn
  William John Gemmell
  Charlie Jager
  Major Robert Moran

Personalities 1941

Corporal Frank Atkins
"In this village they offered us snails. We tried these snails and thought, ‘Geez, they’re not bad, they’re cooked properly.’ Anyhow a few days later we were getting pretty hungry – so we just got up off the grass where we slept and the place was swarming with great big brown snails.

And I said, being young and silly, ‘Why don’t we boil some snails?’ ‘What are we going to boil them in?’ Took off my helmet; the lining to your helmet was fastened by a screw. I screwed the lining off my helmet … and that was a boiler and threw some of these snails into the water.

You got a filthy green scrum came up to the surface and they were – absolutely dreadful – you couldn’t eat them. We didn’t know about feeding them pullet or bran or flour to get the green pigment out from the vegetation they lived on and of course we had no garlic or white wine to put with it."